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Wilderness Camp and Bear Security


49th State Security Services Provides Camp & Bear Guard Services throughout the State of Alaska. We are a professional wilderness security team that specializes in remote back country travel in Alaska. Our primary purpose is to ensure overall camp and bear protection for our clients and to help you enter and return safely from the Alaskan wilderness.


Our Expert Services include:

-Professional Bear Guard service

-Wildlife Protection and gear


-Water Purification

-Camp Set up and design

-Helicopter Safety

-Emergency Situational Management and Signaling

-Evacuation & Rescue

-Wilderness Survival Techniques (Specific to Alaska terrain)


Our services are perfect for mining companies, remote lodges, recreational enthusiasts, satellite systems, communication repair and research, survey crews, pipeline companies, commercial photographers, cinematic exploration, seismic research, and archaeologists.


Our Security Officer will be an integrated part of your team and we are available 24/7! We are also responsible for all payroll and employment costs, making hiring our team simple and efficient.


If you are interested on how we can assist you, please contact us directly.


49th State Security Services

Ketchikan, Alaska


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