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Becoming Part of the Team!

We have but one choice in our life, to live it or not!

49th State Security Services only hires those who are living their life, the ones who have and always will be striving for more, the confident, the morally strong, and the ones willing to always learn.

The team is only as strong as the weakest member, and we are only as good as our last training session. If you believe you want to take this step in your life then read below for what we are looking for.

State of Alaska Security Guard License page please read all of the information to include the laws and regulations pertaining to security services. There will be a test!

State of Alaska Security Information

Send us an email with an attached resume and cover letter.

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We are a smoke-free, drug-free business located within the communities of South East Alaska, our headquarters is in Ketchikan which allows for us to have on-site supervisors in place to support our field agents.


Our field agents are confident in their knowledge and skills, are compassionate and kind, would always protect another, and above all are respectful to all they encounter.

Each officer is proficient in verbal judo, non-lethal, and lethal skills, maintains a level of training that exceeds the standard level of skills in the industry,  and has a drive for being the best community member they can be.

We prefer to hire experienced officers, these experiences can be from many disciplines. Military, law enforcement, emergency medical, and life itself. Each candidate must pass rigorous Agency, State , and Federal background investigations, pre-hire drug test, skills training and retraining in the method of our agency.

There is no place on our team for your EGO....... Leave it behind, every one of us started new, without the knowledge, without the skills. We treat each other with respect. It may not work out, because if it doesn't work for one, it doesn't work for either.

The next step is yours, use the links to the right to research what it means to be a Licensed State of Alaska Security Guard which is just the start of the adventure here at 49th State Security Services.

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