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Services Provided to our Community

Nightly Patrol Services: Commercial and Residential Patrol services consist of random visits to the property nightly checking parking areas, lights, integrity of doors and windows and for any illegal entry, response to alarm systems, and acting as the owners representative when the owner is unavailable. Includes employee escort and standby if necessary. Nightly reports are generated for the client.

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Downtown Daytime Walking Patrol Services: Officers will be assigned to the Downtown area on foot patrol between the hours of 8am-4pm (May adjusted due to ship schedule). These officers will be patrolling client businesses, public areas, assisting with any customer needs, deterring loss from shoplifting and being a security presence for the community and visitors. The officers will walk through client businesses if requested and report any safety/security issues to the client.

Guard/Officer Services: Our Officers will be placed within your business and will be trained and assigned specifically for the clients needs. The officers will assist staff and customers, loss prevention, trespass removal, and foot patrol. Our officers are contractors and are the financial responsibility of 49th State Security Services. The client is NOT responsible for paying employment taxes on the contractor.

Security Evaluations: A consultation for increasing the security plan of your business or home. This evaluation will consist of site assessment, location specifics, outdoor lighting, lock systems, active deterrent issues and fixes, doors and windows, locks, camera systems, alarm systems, interior space and arrangement, secure locations, emergency exit plans, aggressive intruder tactics, dynamic response, and building a security plan. Then training staff and family to respond to emergencies and tie all systems together to increase safety. This plan is Free to any client that purchases our patrol services for a minimum of 6 months or more.

Secured Transport Services

Secured Transport for moving clients throughout the Country. We contract with the State of Alaska for OCS, Behavior Health, and Department of Juvenile Justice. We also offer this service to private families as needed.

Other Services Offered

  • Loss Prevention- One of the costliest crimes for a business. We offer undercover officers to guard against loss from customers as well as staff, we also offer uniformed officers moving through businesses as a loss deterrent.

  • Bicycle Patrol- This service allows for quick movement of officers through an area that vehicles cannot reach.

  • Event Security- Patrol and Guard service for special events helps promoters protect their guests and property. Some liability companies require security and/or reduce the costs of insurance for having security on site.


  • Harbor and Vessel Security- Our officers are TWIC ® certified to offer security services in secure areas. Individual vessel owners can contract for an officer to check on their vessel in the client's absence (Boat Watch). This can be minimal or as detailed as needed.


  • Vacation Security Services- Our patrol officers will check on vacant homes, turn on and off lighting systems, and create the illusion of the owner being present.


  • Armed Escort/Vehicle Transportation- The tourism business brings many shops to the area that specialize in high end items such as jewelry. Our armed officers can escort the staff to and from airports, ferries, and ports. The officers will use close protection procedures and vehicle transports.


  • Personal Security- We can provide covert or overt personal security for individuals and groups utilizing vehicle movements, marine vessels, and aircraft.


  • Workplace Violence- Security preparation for active shooter scenarios, high risk terminations, and general staff protective services. We will go into the business, evaluate the security needs, and assist in making an emergency plan.


  • Domestic Violence- Officers are available for high risk protection of domestic violence victims and their families.

  • Community Services- We will offer services to the community and to providers for the community. These can be in many forms such as classes, seminars, and evaluations for security needs. Emergency Security Services will be available.

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